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Application Form for the use of Portable Traffic Signals or Stop/ Go Boards


  • The portable traffic signals must be of a type, which is currently approved by the Department of Transport. (DoT specification TR 0111 for traffic controls and MCE 0114 for detectors).

  • The provision, operation and maintenance of all signs, lights, guards, barriers and fencing for the safety and protection of the public must be carried out by a suitably qualified operative (NRSWA Unit 2) and in accordance with the Department of Transport Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 8 and the Safety at Streetworks and Roadworks (A Code of Practice).

  • Traffic signal timings and positioning of signals must be set correctly in accordance with the length of works and traffic volume involved. All timings and positioning must be as specified in the Department of Transport Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 8, Volume and Section 4.2.5, 5.2.6, 4.2.7 and tables 4.4 and 4.5.

  • All apparatus including microwave detectors must be inspected and tested before delivery and use to ensure correct working.

  • Where portable temporary traffic signals are to be used a site plan and suitable traffic management plan (scale 1:500 or 1:2500) must be attached showing the position of the signal heads along with all associated signage.  Please mark the location of the signal heads in red. The plan may be hand drawn but must be clear and legible.

  • For works of less than 10 days duration we require 10 clear working days to process an application and for works greater than 11 days duration we require 1 calendar month. Applications for Urgent or Emergency works will be processed as soon as reasonable practicable.

Additional Conditions

(applicable to Haul Route working only)

  • All equipment used for traffic control must be of a type that has been granted type approval for use on a public road.

  • All traffic signals equipment signs and all road markings must comply with the relevant regulations.

  • Control modes of operation, standards and layout must conform to the Department of Transport Traffic Signs Manual – Chapter 8.

  • Haul route traffic must approach the highway in a defined line and on a level gradient.

  • Priority must be given to traffic on the highway and not on the haul route.

  • The signals should be switched off when work has ceased for the day or weekend.

  • Use of the haul route by unauthorised vehicles outside the working period must be prevented.

  • The Contractor must instruct all haul route drivers on the use of signals.

  • The Contractor is responsible for keeping the haul route crossing clean and free from rubble or mud.

Applications are only processed on receipt of a fully completed form, including traffic management plans and payment. The fee is non-refundable.