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Scaffolding Extension Form

Somerset County Council

Operations Director for Economic & Community Infrastructure

Application/permission to erect or retain on or over a highway and scaffolding or other
structure in accordance with:-

Highways Act 1980, Section 169, Local Authorities (Transport Charges) Regulations 1998,
the approval of hoardings in accordance with The Highways Act 1980 (Section 172 & 173)

Guidance Notes:

  • Please note there is a fee of £90.00 to cover administration and site inspection costs.

  • Please note that this fee is non-refundable.

  • Please read the specific Schedule of Conditions prior to completing the form.

  • Please provide the following information clearly allowing at least 10 working days before you wish to erect the scaffolding.

  • Only emergency applications will be processed with less than 10 working days’ notice.

  • The permit is valid for 28 days. Subsequent extensions will require a new application and are subject to a further fee.

  • If the scaffolding is still on site after 28 days then you must apply and pay for an extension